Optimization of videos for AMP Stories

Quick Summary - AMP Plugin 1.2 and latest has AMP Stories feature for WordPress Ecosystem.Transcoder Plugin is available for Video Optimization in both free and premium plans.Optimize videos up to 90% smaller in file size than original using Transcoder. The Transcoder 1.3 plugin will be available for people in next week. A few days back [...]

Possibilities with AMP Stories in WordPress

See this live in action here After Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and now Youtube stories, we have a way to use "stories" or "status" feature in WordPress also. For this, we will need: Latest official AMP 1.2.0 plugin which has this AMP Stories (beta) featureLatest Gutenberg plugin (The one merged into WP 5.0 is old.) [...]

Amplify WordPress Site

Some quick tips for WordPress developers to do "WP to AMP" conversion. Follow these steps: Install Official AMP plugin - https://wordpress.org/plugins/amp/Use AMP in Transitional mode (formerly Paired mode)Check “Disable Admin Bar on AMP pages” checkbox. This should give you amp site at /?amp page. You can also choose which pages to make AMP ready. 1. [...]

Experiencing Google AMP Roadshow Mumbai 2018

Google AMP Roadshow Mumbai 2018 happened at ITC Maratha hotel. There was a small meet-and-greet before the main event for Partners / Speakers and an opportunity to solve queries before the event. Here's what happened. Oct 26th, Partners event This was one day before the main AMP Roadshow event. Google team asked us to meet with [...]

Regardless of who does what, only poor has to pay the price!

Random thoughts... I have seen many examples where someone does mistake or crime or bad things intentionally or unintentionally, only poor had to pay the price. Consider these examples - A small girl felt ashamed of being poor after seeing her mother borrowing money from some people for her School bus pass. She commits suicide!A [...]