Google AMP Ads and standard webpages

Have you ever tried using amp ads on non-amp/standard webpages? Sounds weird given that amp components are supposed to be used on amp pages only. However, the way amp is evolving, there is a possibility that we could use amp as a Framework also.

At first, I did an experiment of using amp-ad component on a standard html (non-amp) page. For which I used amp runtime script which also adds amp-ad under the hood, and ultimately uses gpt JS library for ads.

Why I did this? So basically I wanted to get coding simplified for myself. Whenever we want to use ads on website, we have to use gpt JS and write a bunch of code with size mapping for responsive ads, check for visibility of ads, element’s presence in DOM etc. I figured if amp-ad is already doing it, and amp is made for optimized page rendering and no content blocking.

My team and I worked on this idea and made a WordPress plugin that people can use and integrate amp ads on on-amp pages also, obviously it will work on AMP without any code changes. Basically same code base for both and Non-AMP. You can give it a try in WordPress with this plugin AMP Admanager. Currently is showing ads using this plugin.

On the similar lines, AMP pages team is working on Bento AMP which basically make AMP a framework to use on Non-AMP pages.


Something for IT depressed guys

Most IT freshers, IT graduates and postgraduates I have seen are NOT getting jobs quickly after they pass out or even after 5 years of passing out, as a result, it causes depression!
I am adding some ways to deal with this depression and bounce back from Depression.

What to do when free?

If you are still looking for a job and getting no offers, you can try learning something new that you can add to your profile.

  1. Start creating your own site -Most people look for applicants work or skills. Having your own site and showcasing your talent would help you get there fast.
    Keep one page where you show your projects list that you have done already. Possibly with the live web links to see a demo.
  2. Create small projects on Github -Whatever your interest is, work on that and create some projects like frontend work, backend work, small web apps. It can be a simple one-page project.
  3. Keep your work online using free hosting services -Chances of getting a call from Companies will increase if you have put your work online.
    Show demos of your work on some free tier services like, For WordPress dev sites/demos, you can use
    You can free tier services to host sites for demos here –

Your knowledge and expertise will improve as you try to create demos of your work. The more the merrier.

Above things will give you enough confidence and knowledge to get into any start-up companies. Company doesn’t have to be big!

Remember – Life is not to get sad on what you couldn’t get. Learn to live life naturally. Keep working towards your goal, someday you will achieve it. Never Give Up!


Regardless of who does what, only poor has to pay the price!

Random thoughts…

I have seen many examples where someone does mistake or crime or bad things intentionally or unintentionally, only poor had to pay the price.

Consider these examples –

  • A small girl felt ashamed of being poor after seeing her mother borrowing money from some people for her School bus pass. She commits suicide!
  • A poor farmer, overloaded with loans already, couldn’t earn enough money to do marriage of his own daughter. He commits suicide!
  • Any protests or any political activity directly affects poor people. In the protest about reservation for particular caste, protesters destroy public transport. Only poor gets affected as public transport is largely used by the poor.

Above are normal examples we see almost daily in TV news. But I wanted to point out the fact that no matter what, the “Rich” people won’t get hurt or won’t have to pay the price.

90% of the bad things that happen, happen to poor people.

A road built by someone, gets potholes in a few days, due to cheap construction. But people who die in the accidents or people who get hurt because of potholes will mostly be poor ones.