Regardless of who does what, only poor has to pay the price!

  • May 14, 2017

Random thoughts…

I have seen many examples where someone does mistake or crime or bad things intentionally or unintentionally, only poor had to pay the price.

Consider these examples –

  • A small girl felt ashamed of being poor after seeing her mother borrowing money from some people for her School bus pass. She commits suicide!
  • A poor farmer, overloaded with loans already, couldn’t earn enough money to do marriage of his own daughter. He commits suicide!
  • Any protests or any political activity directly affects poor people. In the protest about reservation for particular caste, protesters destroy public transport. Only poor gets affected as public transport is largely used by the poor.

Above are normal examples we see almost daily in TV news. But I wanted to point out the fact that no matter what, the “Rich” people won’t get hurt or won’t have to pay the price.

90% of the bad things that happen, happen to poor people.

A road built by someone, gets potholes in a few days, due to cheap construction. But people who die in the accidents or people who get hurt because of potholes will mostly be poor ones.